Bike Ambulance Service: Serving those in need

Let's face it, India is a country with nearly 1.77 million homeless people   
And 30% of them are abandoned elderly, facing the dearth of old age problems and emotional trauma.
All of us see the everyday struggle of the destitute and abandoned elderly but George Rakesh Babu has taken an initiative to help those who are often left ignored.
"Good Samaritan Foundation" set up by George rescues the abandoned and aims to give the unfortunate abandoned elderly, a life of dignity.
George Rakesh Babu rescuing the elderly
Apart from providing these people with nutritional food, proper medication, and a respectful life, George also performs their last rituals.
Performing last ritualsPerforming last rituals
 As a step to further help these people, George  has come up with the Bike Ambulance Service.
But What is a Bike Ambulance Anyway?
Bike Ambulance, Hyderabad, India
This service is first of its kind, which makes it easier to carry the patient to the hospital, it's fuel-efficient and costs very less as compared to the conventional ambulance services.
Often the people rescued by George and his team of Good Samaritans, need medical attendance and the bike ambulance is surely going to be a huge step in facilitating millions.
Also, often the people living far from the cities lose their lives only because they have no means to reach a hospital in time.
This bike ambulance service can also act as the primary medium of medical transportation for the rural population, living far from hospitals.
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