Three things you should pledge by, Before you start Crowdfunding

Before you start crowdfunding...


Crowdfunding is easy!

I know what you’re thinking about, all of these websites you’ve been reading have told you “crowdfunding is exceedingly difficult because of all the work you have to put in” and so.

Well, the truth is they’re right and wrong. Crowdfunding is a part of fundraising, whether it be for your nonprofit, cause, or business. Either way, you’re gonna have to put in work, money is not going to fall into your lap simply!

But crowdfunding is actually relatively easy, especially compared to traditional fundraising methods. Crowdfunding is made for you if you’re looking to:

  • not waste any time
  • raise funds while connecting and growing your supporter base
  • build publicity
  • making the fundraising process more enjoyable

Crowdfunding is not easy right away. but we’re here to help! Out of all of our experience as crowdfunding experts, here the 3 things you need to know before you start Crowdfunding.

  1. Plan It Out

You can’t expect to have a successful fundraising campaign on the go! Make sure to have a day to day plan of the campaign all the way from the begin. It helps greatly if all of your content is ready to go from the beginning so that you can anticipate what to release on certain days. But even before you begin to worry about content, you should plan out the perks you’re going to offer, how you’re going to creatively tell your story, and everything out in campaign. You know everything that you need to get done, so plan to complete each aspect of your fundraising campaign one at a time. You never know what to expect, but with proper planning, you will be ready to tackle anything!

  1. Get Social!

You can’t crowdfund without a crowd!

What’s the best way to reach out to as many people as you can? Social media of course! When running your campaign, get ready to be social! Send out those Facebook statuses, tweets, and LinkedIn updates! Don’t forget to include your current base of supporters also! In the end, you can have all the nicest content in the world but it won’t matter if no one sees them!

  1. Learn from your mistakes (and others!)

You can learn a lot throughout the duration of your campaign. Even though we just told you to make a plan, we can guarantee you that you’re going to do something right and make adjustments around that. Don’t be afraid to look around at other successful campaigns either. Even if they’re not even in the same industry there is a lot of knowledge to derive from others!

These are the 3 basics, and we would say, most important things you need to know about crowdfunding. Of course there is a ton to know, but if these 3 things are no problem for you, then you’re definitely on the right track to be the next viral hit!

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