Year-End Giving for Nonprofits

Can you believe, it's almost December?

Nearly one-third of all nonprofit donations occurring in the final month of the year, it's imperative for charities to make the most of the peak giving season.

Does your Nonprofit have active outreach efforts in place for the months leading up to the new year?


To begin with, let's have a look at the Key Stats about Year-End Giving,


  Key Stats about Year-End Giving  


50% of the nonprofits
receive a majority of their donations in the last 3 months of the year, i.e. from October to December

$48 Billion

the average amount donated to nonprofits in November and December each year


52% larger

first time gifts are made by donors in December than by donors who start their giving at another time of the year


  When to start the "Year-End Ask?"  

The most important month to start end-of-year marketing outreach efforts is November, with nearly half of nonprofits surveyed launching their campaign in that month.

  How to market Year-End Giving?  

Every Nonprofit surveyed about the year-end marketing outreach indicates that they use direct mail as a part of their strategy. Email marketing was a close second, with 92% of nonprofits using email as a part of their outreach strategy.
Direct mail2-5 3-64-7
         Direct Mail                                       Email                                        Website                                       In-person
            100%                                                92%                                            50%                                                15% 

  Crowdera Recommendations  

2/3 of new donors do not research before donating
Surprisingly, a majority of donors choose new charities based solely on recommendations and word-of-mouth and do not conduct their own research. For this reason, it is critical to make your outreach efforts easy to share through email and social media. 
70% Donate through multiple channels
Because 7 out of 10 donors will donate through multiple media, utilize a multi-channel outreach approach for multi-channel donations.
Volunteers are twice as likely to donate
Those who volunteer their time are most likely to donate money to the cause. Try promoting unique volunteer opportunities in your year-end task.
2 "touches" is the most common degree of outreach
Approximately one-third of nonprofits incorporate two "touches", or ask, in their end-of-year ask campaign.  
Now that you know the do's and don'ts and are equipped with all the major facts affecting the year-end giving, start your fundraising campaign and make the most of this giving season.

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