The right time to start your Christmas fundraiser

Didn't start your Christmas fundraising yet?

It's December already and also the peak of the Giving Season. So, what are you waiting for?

Did you know?
According to NP Source, 50% of the nonprofits receive a majority of their donations in the last 3 months of the year, i.e. from October to December. 
The best time of giving: This Giving Festival

For nonprofits, it's essential to create the Christmas campaign because of so many factors, have a look at more facts related to the year-end-giving

Many times, the fundraisers struggle on deciding the right time to raise funds and it's quite natural to have this dilemma but trust me, Christmas is one such time when the whole world celebrates and everyone feels delighted by contributing towards a cause.
So, what do you need to start a Christmas fundraising?
1. Ask Directly

The first and foremost issue that I have personally seen with many fundraisers, is either they hesitate to ask or they don't direct the donors towards the relevant CTA (Call-to-action), saying "Donate Now" or  "Support now" (have a look at the benefits of a Call-to-action button).

So, never do this mistake, trust me it's a blunder which is directly going to impact your overall donation amount.

Having assumptions such as

"My donors know my brand, so they know it's a donation appeal"


"After reading the heart-touching story of my campaign, the donors will donate themselves"

is a very optimistic idea but it should be kept aside while asking for donations.

Understand that all your communications (emails, social posts, ads, etc,.) have a wide audience and it is your duty to direct them towards your "ASK" without having any assumptions at all.

Secondly, in all the posts related to promotions of the crowdfunding campaigns, I always stress on stating your expectations from the possible backers. In fact, the suggested amount that you quote not only increases the donations but also the number of donors.

The trick is understanding what people would give on their own. Once you understand that, the suggested amount can enhance contributions,”

Still struggling with the relevance of asking?

Have a look at The Power of Asking your Donors


2. Select your donor target

Often nonprofits exhaust their contact list by sending constant emails....well, let's just take a pause here to understand that your donor is also a "Human" and might be already engaged in many activities.

The worst part is, as a result of flooded inbox, they can simply press that "Unsubscribe Button" which you never want them to go to.

I know it's sad and none of you want it to happen, so let's understand who to target this Christmas season...

  • First of all, segment your active donors from the inactive ones, and focus your time and energy mostly on the active donors.
  •  Look for the re-engagement activities, maybe a fundraising event around Christmas can help you gather funds as well as to have more volunteers to support your cause for the entire year.
  • Analyze at your donors donation behavior, look for what cause made them donate in past and you can, then create donor-specific campaigns.
    With platform like Crowdera, you can make as many campaigns as you want to. To know more Book a Demo with us.
  • Don't forget to look at when was the last donation made by your ideal donor? And, is this the right time to ask them again

3. Go Social
In this era, no one can oversee the impact of social media, especially when it comes to fundraising. Gone are the days, when the only option to raise funds was to get involved in some fundraising event, spend so much time, energy and resources and end up collecting pennies.
Nobody can deny the fact that it's a millennial world now, the one in which everything, good or bad, spreads like fire.
But, guess what?  it's almost like a boon for your nonprofit. Now you can tell the world,
  • What you are up to?
  • Why do you need to do, what you are doing?
  • and, most importantly, What is the major impact your fundraising activities are going to create?
Still, to keep things in order, don't forget to have a look at, How you should NOT use social media for your campaign promotion
4. Encourage donations
Another way to foster a deep sense of fundraising in your donors is by showing them your efforts and a global picture of the prevalent issues. In fact, people prefer to engage in effort-full giving. Psychologists have also labeled this phenomenon as "Martyrdom effect
Always remember, Donors prefers message which fit right with their own core values.


Motivating the donors with the right message is going to give your donations a boost that you can't even expect.
Campaigns at this time have the potential to raise twice as much as a campaign in any other month of the year, with the same amount of effort. 
So, make the most of this giving season and raise more money!
Want to get started with your first free fundraising campaign? Click here to create a campaign.

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